--> I couldn't Explain how much your music means to Me

I couldn't Explain how much your music means to Me

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For the record NONE of these pictures are mine! I do not make pictures, I do not Edit pictures. I find them on the internet and they get posted here, I may or not Crop a picture or two if there is something in the picture not related to Marianas Trench! If you see a picture that you are sure is 100% your picture then i will give you the credit for it, but if you claim something that is not yours and it starts a war on my shit i will never let you claim another image on my site again. This is what i do for fun, I'd rather it stay fun and there be no bullshit.
My Idea for this page is just so fans can go to a page and see a page all about this band and see how wonderful they are and check them out and fall in love with their music just like we did. Please if you have pics you'd like to see on this page feel free to send them to me Anytime! I have a twitter Link is on the page you can contact me on there ANYTIME
With that said, I hope you enjoy my blog :)